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Dalek transparent background TV / Film Doctor Who

Dalek transparent background TV / Film Doctor Who

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Doctor Who and the Dalek’s

For Doctor Who’s 21st-century revival the Dalek casings retain the same overall shape and dimensional proportions of previous Daleks, although many details have been re-designed to give a heavier and more solid look.

Changes include a larger, more pointed base; a glowing eyepiece; an all-over metallic-brass finish; thicker, nailed strips on the “neck” section; a housing for the eyestalk pivot; and significantly larger dome lights.

The new prop made its on-screen debut in the 2005 episode “Dalek”. These casings use a short operator inside the housing while the ‘head’ and eyestalk are operated via remote control.

A third person, Nicholas Briggs, supplies the voice in their various appearances.

In the 2010 season a new, larger model appeared in several colours representing different parts of the Dalek command hierarchy.

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