Why use a transparent image?

A transparent background image can be used for many applications in web design, publishing, advertising, social media and many business development projects.

Firstly an image with a transparent background is more commonly useful when your background is coloured.

An example of this is shown below in a website header, you can see that the transparent background image blends into the background colour, but an image with a background such as a .jpg image always shows its square background and looks poor within a website design.

header example with no transparent image

header example with no transparent image

header example with transparent background image

header example with transparent background image

This problem can occur with all aspects of creating a page, one that looks professional and the other looking poor.

Transparent background images can be used to make business stationary like flyers, business cards, advertising and more.

Finally an image with no background can work for you making your graphics look professional giving your viewers a more pleasurable experience when looking at your page.

Free png images is a resource you can use to find transparent background images and I hope you enjoy all the images created for you and all the images that are added on a daily basis.

If you have any images you specifically want for your project you can contact me through the contact page, if the job is easy there may be no charge if the image can be put onto the website, if it is custom work required there may be a small charge for my time.

Thank You

David Ellis (Free Png Images)