Removing background from an image

Tip: Removing background from an image – If you use software such as Photoshop or any layering type software to create transparent images by removing the background from an image, use this little tip to get a perfect result for your image.

  1. Remove the background as you normally would using whatever method you find easiest
  2. create a new layer and fill with a solid colour black usually works well for most images
  3. send the solid colour layer to the back so that your transparent image is showing
  4. select your transparent image layer and edit out any imperfections that you can see against a coloured background

Quite often when creating a transparent image the background is set to white by default and makes it very difficult to see if you have removed everything from the background of the image, by creating a dark coloured background it allows you to see what parts you may have missed, very often you will find lots of small white patches or dots which are not visible to you with a white background.

I hope this little tip helps you to create the perfect transparent background image.

Removing background from an image

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