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Multilingual option Free PNG Images change language

Free PNG Images is viewed all over the World so I am so pleased to announce that the site is now multilingual, this can be done easily from the drop down language selector in the sidebar.

If for any reason a language that you require is not available on the drop down menu, please feel free to send me a message via the contact page as I have options of up to 100 different languages.

Images as you know can be used all over the World and are relevant globally as an image, but it must cause frustration If all the text is in a language that you don’t understand or find difficult to read.

Exciting times ahead I hope as the site grows larger, I am working on images in all the spare time I have to include fresh content for all my valued users worldwide.

Images important part of website design

Images important part of your website design, Images help your website visitors to engage with the content on your website, in fact many people will scan a website looking at pictures only, then when they find a picture relevant to what they are looking for will then engage in reading content.

Images important representation – These are typically pictures that represent your content, either for business or discussion pages, it is better to use images that relate to your content to engage your visitors.

If your website is about a single topic try to use your best images in your home page as that will be the page most visitors will land on first.

Try to engage your website visitors on each page by placing your images in a manner that will lead them to the next paragraph or topic, almost like telling a story, as children we learn to read by using childrens books! when you read the story book you look at the picture making you understand what the text is saying, if you can achieve this on your web page visitors will continue reading further into your website.

See this short example

Applying lipstick in the correct way will give your lips a really good look, bright red lipstick will make you stand out and make you look like a confident person.

applying red lipstic images important

applying red lipstick

Engaging your visitors with great content and well chosen images this will make your website a nice place to visit, this will give you repeat visitors and help you succeed with your web design projects.

I hope this short post has helped you when choosing images for your website design.






Forum removed from PNG Images website

I have removed the forum from PNG images as I had no interest in it, I thought it might have been a nice idea to have a discussion forum for the users of the Free PNG images website.

I will endeavour to make the website as interesting as possible for all website users.

I will also continue to create free transparent background images for you to use and enjoy.

I hope you find the images useful with your projects and as the website grows maybe save you a lot of back-breaking work removing backgrounds from images.

Many thanks for taking an interest in my website.