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AKG Microphone transparent PNG image background removed

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The dynamic microphone (also known as the moving-coil microphone) works via electromagnetic induction.

Dynamic Microphones are robust, relatively inexpensive and resistant to moisture.

Ideal for on-stage use.

Dynamic microphones use the same dynamic principle as in a loudspeaker, only reversed.

A small movable induction coil, positioned in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, is attached to the diaphragm.

Sound enters through the windscreen of the microphone, the sound wave moves the diaphragm.

When the diaphragm vibrates, the coil moves in the magnetic field, producing a varying current in the coil through electromagnetic induction.

A single dynamic membrane does not respond linearly to all audio frequencies.

For this reason some microphones utilize multiple membranes for the different parts of the audio spectrum and then combine the resulting signals.

Combining the multiple signals correctly is difficult and designs that do this are rare and tend to be expensive.

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